Living Library project by the Global Shapers Community KL Hub

2016, EVENT

November 8, 2016 - The inaugural event for the Living Library project by the Global Shapers Community KL Hub, held at Sunway Nexis was recently organised to make Malaysia a more age-friendly country.

The project focused on understanding and identifying the missing links between the older and younger population through talks and conversations at Living Library. The lack of age-friendly public and private infrastructure, and negative assumptions that existed between these populations were addressed.

The speakers invited were Dr Thomas Tang, Associate Professor Dr Teh Pei Lee and Dato Dr Ismail Noor. The event ended with an intense Q&A session between the speakers and the audience.

Living Library was the first of many event held at Sunway Nexis. As part of the Next Nexis project, Sunway Nexis aims to build a community that is connected through good ideas.

Sunway Nexis is believed to create and nurture a community that is connected through various events and gatherings. There would be more community driven events at Sunway Nexis in the near future.

As a Master Community Developer, Sunway Property has always thrived to serve the community with the best. The property developer is continuously working hard to build communities which progresses along with the developer.

Image 1
Winston Liew sharing about his vision and efforts to building a community in Sunway Nexis.

Image 2Dr Thomas Tang giving speech on the essentials to making Malaysia age-friendly.

Image 3Dato Dr Ismail Noor presenting his ideas on age-friendliness.

Image 4
Audiences listening carefully to thought-provocative ideas by speakers.

Image 5
Different age groups come together to be inspired by the speaker's' ideas.


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