Sunway Geo Residences Paves Way for the Future of Urban Living

2016, EVENT

Master Community Developer, Sunway Property, has introduced the first addition to its Sunway GEO Series @ Sunway South Quay, with the completion of Sunway Geo Residences. The successful conclusion of this project also marks the three-year Sunway-Mitsui relationship, where it was Sunway’s first venture with Japan’s renowned developer, Mitsui Fudosan.

Mitsui Fudosan’s Managing Officer, Mr. Osamu Obayashi, was given the honour of officiating Sunway Geo Residences, accompanied by Sunway Property’s Managing Director, Sarena Cheah. Also in attendance were Tomoo Nakamura and Shigeki Komi from Mitsui Fudosan as well as Tan Wee Bee, Chong Sau Min and Ang Kee Ping from Sunway Berhad.

Geo Image 1

Caption: From left: Mitsui Fudosan – Shigeki Komi, Tomoo Nakamura & Osamu Obayashi; Sunway Berhad – Sarena Cheah, Tan Wee Bee & Chong Sau Min at the rooftop of Sunway Geo Residences during the roof topping-out ceremony.

“Today signifies the completion of the Sunway Geo Residences, where it will be the first step in paving the future of urban living. It is a milestone for Sunway working with a very established Japanese developer,” said Sarena Cheah in her welcome address.

Cheah reiterated that the joint venture (JV) will boost the Sunway brand in the Japanese market and pave way for potential collaborations with Mitsui Fudosan in future developments, in addition to leveraging on Mitsui’s strength in technology and quality.

Geo Image 2

Caption: Tomoo Nakamura & Osamu Obayashi from Mitsui Fudosan together with Sarena Cheah & Tan Wee Bee during the press conference at the Sunway Geo Roof Topping-Out Ceremony.

Sunway Property is pleased with the positive response received for Sunway Geo Residences, where all units are fully taken up. The 100% take-up rate is a testimony of our success as buyers are responding positively to the on-going developments around Sunway South Quay, and this once again proves that Sunway Property is truly one of the leading developers in Malaysia.

GEO Image 3

Caption: The team that made the event a success.

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