Sunway Property’s Wellness-Themed Photography Contest Offers RM 10,000 worth of Prizes to Be Won

2022, EVENT

Sunway Property has partnered with Persatuan Fotografi Selangor dan KL (PFSKL)
to host a photography competition in its latest development, Sunway Serene, called
“My Serene Moments”, held from 25th March to 25th May 2022.

The photo competition gives photographers a chance to enjoy the natural landscape
at Sunway Serene’s Lake while flexing their creativity to win a total of RM 10,000 in

Located just outside the Sunway Serene property in Petaling Jaya is a sprawling
park complete with a 1.2km (approximately 15,500 sq ft) jogging path and cycling
track, lush greenery and a 15-acre lake. Members of the public are able to enjoy
numerous lakeside amenities and spend quality time outdoors.

"We hope that the photography competition helps to bring to light the importance of
creating unique meditative moments every day amidst nature to promote self-care
and wellness among our community.

“The lakeside development of Sunway Serene is built on the theme of wellness and
nature, inspiring our community to include both of these in their daily routine. The
photography competition intends to remind everyone that these are important
aspects of our lives even as we move into the endemic phase,” said Gerard Yuen,
Chief Brand & Marketing Officer.


PFSKL President, Ng Wei Lee said, “Photography is a way to showcase things in a
different perspective and allows people to share their ideas and inspiration with
others. Photographs document moments of fun, happiness and love, and now, we
are using it to document another important aspect of life – wellness.”

The lake and its surrounding park were part of Sunway Property’s urban renewal
project. Before the nature restoration and beautification works, the site was a derelict
water retention pond that was polluted with high toxicity levels and vermin, and had
rubbish flowing into the waterbody through monsoon drains due to damaged
discharge outlets. Water tests also showed that harmful substances, including
plastics, were found in the water, though some substances had dissolved naturally
and became unnoticeable.


Sunway Property had invested RM 10 million in the beautification of the lake and its
now astounding landscape space, encouraging community lifestyles centred on
wellness. The Master Community Developer had undertaken extensive works,
including installing a rubbish trap which saw collection and removal from the site
daily for 5 months, improving the hydraulic flow of the lake, adding aquatic plants for
a self-cleaning ecosystem and to attract fauna such as fish and frogs, as well as
transplanting several trees within the site to ensure local inhabitants like squirrels
and birds still had a home.

Fruiting and flowering plants were also introduced amidst the greenery; not only are
they pleasing to the eye, they also lure good pollinators to the grounds. By the time
the park was completed, the water quality had improved tremendously, and close to
a thousand trees had been planted around the lake. More bird species, especially
ibises and herons, have even been spotted throughout the year.

The urban renewal project benefits not just Sunway Serene’s homeowners but the
public as well, who can now visit the park for various recreational activities.
Participants need only snap the best shots relating to the theme “My Serene
Moments” at Sunway Serene’s actual site and its surroundings and upload their
chosen photographs via Sunway Serene’s microsite with a maximum size of 5MB
and a minimum of 1MB on

Photos will be judged based on the uniqueness of concept, appropriateness to
theme, creativity, composition, colour, contrast and lighting techniques.

Select - IMG_3716

Two weeks into the contest, on 2nd April, PFSKL organised a photography outing at
Sunway Serene for interested participants to snap photos together, their first
physical event since the pandemic started. This gave the photography community a
chance to bond, as well as sample photography equipment from brands such as
Canon, Sony, Fujilfilm, Olympus and Laowa Lens, who had opened booths within the
Sunway Serene Sales Gallery. During the outing, talents and props were prepared
as muses, including 4 models, 1 aerial yoga expert, 3 canines, a picnic set up and a
bicycle. Participants – from as young as 12-years-old to as senior as 70-years-old –
could also utilise the buggy to ride around the vicinity. Light refreshments were
prepared for all participants, and after the event ended, participants were briefed on
how to submit their photos for the My Serene Moments contest.

Sunway Serene is Sunway Property’s latest development promoting lakeside living
in the heart of Petaling Jaya, and merely a stone’s throw away from Sunway City
Kuala Lumpur. The development comes with a comprehensive set of amenities,
infrastructure and is accessible via major roads and highways. Homeowners of
Sunway Serene will also be enjoying a direct dedicated public access road into the
development via the new bridge. The driveway is believed to reduce traffic at the
area and drivers moving towards the development will not be caught in the peak
hours' traffic.

Find out more about Sunway Serene on

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