Sunway City Kuala Lumpur, 28 July 2020 – Sunway Property officially launched their mobile app with a 24/7 service AI Live Chatbot system to deliver greater customer experience, improve effectiveness in responsiveness, and build stronger relationships with our customers.

The Sunway Property App will act as a personal assistant from pre-sales to post-sales, listing out all of Sunway Property’s townships and developments across Malaysia and Internationally. It will feature events, news highlights and notifications for exclusive deals. The system is also fashioned with smart Live Chatbot, a 24/7 AI function that allows for immediate support on general enquiries.

The mobile app allows far more flexibility during the purchasing process – from the get-go, customers will have access to our Sales Gallery right in the palm of their hands. Integrated into the system is a ‘Just For You’ function which analyzes the user’s personal interest, filters through property options, and suggests top 4 properties that are suitable for the user. This function is ideal for first-time buyers who are overwhelmed by the vast options Sunway Property provides.

Post-sales, the app has self-service functions that allow users to check progress of billings, view and download documents, as well as submit and check defect status. Its Loyalty Programme will automatically invite buyers to exclusive events, be it by Sunway Property or other Sunway Business Units. It will also act as a linkage to the Sunway Property Management App, Sunway Community Bus and Sunway Pals App. On top of that, the customer may fix a key collection appointment date through the app, and may view construction progress photos.

Building a relationship with customers may seem like a far-fetched idea while social distancing and the imminence of COVID-19 lingers. Utilizing the digital world is the best way to move forward and continue assuring our customers that we want to stay connected with them in a convenient, friendly, and safe way. 

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