Indulge in Ipoh�s hearty food favourites at Lost World Ipoh Street while visiting Sunway City Ipoh.

For a long time now, Ipoh has been known as a food haven to Malaysians and Singaporeans alike. Its wide array of sumptuous dishes reflects the diverse cultures of Malaysia; a perfect accompaniment for travellers who visit Ipoh to experience the old-world charm that juxtaposes its beautiful cityscapes.

Sunway City Ipoh has captured the quintessential charm with the Lost World Ipoh Street set amidst 19th century heritage buildings. Visitors can savour the best of Ipoh’s delicacies such as kacang putih (groundnuts), tau fu fah (bean curd), lai chee kang (a drink with lotus seeds), omochi (glutinous rice treat), kuih bahulu (traditional kuih) and pomelos.

A stroll down Lost World Ipoh Street is bound to create fond memories for coffee lovers who will appreciate the deliciously familiar aromatic scent of the traditional and popular Ipoh White Coffee. Made from coffee beans, skilfully roasted with palm oil margarine, the aromatic and flavourful coffee, which is usually served with condensed milk, was first introduced by Chinese migrants who worked in the local tin mines back in the 19th century.

A good souvenir for food lovers at home would be the heong peah (fragrant pastries) which look like flattened balls. Covered in a flaky baked crust, the pastries contain a sweet sticky malt and shallot filling that melt in the mouth.

A stop at Lost World Ipoh Street is an added treat for visitors hoping to enjoy other great attractions in Sunway City Ipoh such as the Lost World of Tambun and The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat.