Guarenteed Loan

A leasing arm under Sunway Group.

  • For purchasers of Sunway properties who sign the SPA from 1st January 2019 – 30 June 2019 only
  • Applicable for residential & commercial projects
  • Minimum age is 18 years old
  • Open to Malaysian individual/company only
  • Favourable credit search results:
    • Borrower is not bankrupt; and
    • Must provide proof of clearance for legal suit (if any)
  • There will be simple screening on your financial background
    • Provide proof of income from a legitimate source

We are offering a 5:95 plan where a purchaser pays only 5%* of the SPA selling price, and the leasing arm will provide a loan for the remaining 95% of the SPA selling price (after all rebates and discounts).

The 5% down payment can be a one-off payment by cheque/bank transfer. It can also be part of an Easy Payment Plan up to 24 months OR 6 to 12 months Post Dated Cheque depending on projects.

Upon booking stage.

The loans will be disbursed in accordance with these stages: 35%, 55% and 100% billing.
(the leasing arm under Sunway Group can enforce the security in the event of default on either of the loans)

The loans will be subjected to the conduct of relevant searches on the borrower with the results thereof being satisfactory to the leasing arm under Sunway Group at the time of disbursement.


  • Sunway Serene
  • Sunway Subang
  • Sunway GEOLake
  • Sunway Gandaria
  • Sunway Velocity TWO Tower A
  • Sunway Velocity TWO Tower B
  • Infiniti 3
  • Sunway Eastwood
  • Sunway Montana


  • Sunway Cassia Ph2/3A
  • Sunway Cassia Ph3B
  • Sunway Wellesley Ph2A
  • Sunway Wellesley Ph2C
  • Sunway Wellesley Ph3A


  • Lakeside Mansion
  • Serene Villas
  • Sunway Onsen Suites


  • Sunway Lenang Heights (Semi-D)
  • Sunway Lenang Heights (Bungalow)
  • Sunway Citrine Residence (Serviced Apartments)
  • Emerald Residence (Link Homes)
  • Emerald Residence (Semi-D)
  • Sunway GRID Office
  • Sunway GRID Retail
  • Sunway GRID Residences
  • Sunway Citrine Lakehomes Phase 3

Please call our sales representatives or walk into our respective sales galleries for more information.

The leasing arm under Sunway Group will increase the tenure to 15 years + 15 years, subject to:

  1. favourable credit search results of the borrower
  2. revision of interest rate upon expiry of the first loan tenure
  3. maximum tenure of 15 years or maximum age of 70, whichever earlier
  4. legal fee and stamp duties for refinancing loan agreements shall be borne by borrower

Pay only RM5K to own a unit

By paying only RM5k, you can sign the Sales & Purchase Agreement.
You still need to pay the differential sum. The total of differential sum depends on the total loan margin you are offered by banks.

Flexi Instalment

Flexi Instalment offers you a longer period to pay the 5% down payment within manageable monthly instalments for your comfort. It can be an Easy Payment Plan up to 24 months OR 6 to 12 months Post Dated Cheque, depending on the project.

Financial Health Check

A quick and easy way to assess your credit standing, CCRIS, CTOS and more.