Sunway Property Gathered Over 8,000 Malaysians To Join Global Generation Restoration Movement for World Environment Day

2021, EVENT

WED OPENINGMaster Community Developer Sunway Property collaborated with Sunway FutureX Farm to celebrate the World Environment Day by gathering over 8,000 Malaysians to join the United Nation’s global #GenerationRestoration movement.

As an urgent call to act on climate change, Sunway Property and Sunway FutureX Farm joined forces to specially design a series of virtual events conducted from May to July 2021 to equip Malaysians with meaningful knowledge and environmentally-friendly skills that empowers the community to join the #GenerationRestoration movement.

Held in conjunction with 2021’s World Environment Day celebration, #GenerationRestoration is the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) call to action for everyone to work together to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide in conjunction with the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030.

This exhortation is based on UNEP’s synthesis report* which has estimated that the well-being of 40% of the world’s population (an alarming 3.2 billion people) are currently being affected by degradation. The report also shared that even more people are expected to be affected if collective action to restore the ecosystem is not undertaken, underscoring that “every single year, we lose ecosystem services worth more than 10 per cent of our global economic output” at the rate the environmental degradation is occurring.

The growing concern for stability of our ecosystems pushes Master Community Developer Sunway Property to champion sustainability efforts by celebrating World Environment Day to further educate the communities at large on the importance of protecting our environment. With the series of events, Sunway Property hopes to equip every participant with not only the knowledge but also functional skills to integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives and restore the environment. Every positive action an individual takes will benefit the environment and our future generations as part of the global community.

With the objective to educate and spread awareness on these concerns, a total of six virtual events were conducted which included three workshops, “Go Green – Grow Your Own Food”, “Reimagine – The Future of Diet”, and “Zero Waste at Home”, a virtual talk, “Reimagining the Future of Cities”, as well as two social media contests, “The Green Quiz #1 and #2”. Each workshop discussed different topics ranging from urban farming and hydroponic methods, sustainable diets and alternative meats, as well as healthy city living and the principles of composting as a waste management solution. Participants of the workshops received workshop kits related to the workshops, such as mini farm kits, sustainable meal kits and a mini food composting kit. The virtual workshops were held via Zoom and the virtual talk was held on Facebook LIVE, and drew more than 25,000 participants from across Malaysia.

A total of 6 guests were invited to share their expertise including the head of Sunway FutureX Farm Eleanor Choong, Sunway FutureX Farm agronomist Nurlisa Su Sy Ei, Ento Founder and CEO Kevin Wu, integrative nutrition health coach Joyce Shih, Founder and President of World Vegan Organization (WVO) Dr Susianto Tseng, and Hive Bulk Foods Founder Claire Sancelot. Exclusive workshops for "Grow Your Own Food" were also held for the residents of Sunway Mont Residences and Sunway Gardenia. 

Speaker - Eleanor Choong
Head of Sunway FutureX Farm Eleanor Choong presents on how urban farms are key in restoring our ecosystems across cities

Speaker - Joyce Shih
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Plant-based Recipe Developer Joyce Shih on how Malaysians need to divert away from sugary diets

Speaker - Kevin Wu
Founder & CEO of ENTO, Kevin Wu shares on the sustainability of food production

Speaker - Claire Sancelot
Founder of The Hive Bulk Food Claire Sancelot talked about the five way to a zero waste lifestyle

Speaker - Nurlisa Su Sy Ei
Sunway FutureX Farm Agronomist Nurlisa Su Sy Ei on the various types of composting

Speaker - Dr Susianto
Founder & President of the World Vegan Organisation (WVO) Dr Susianto Tseng shared the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle

Quiz Post
Sunway Property initiated The Green Quiz to spread more awareness on sustainable practices, rewarding participants who were able to answer the quizzes successfully.


To top it off, as part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Sunway Property sponsored a hydroponic kit from Sunway FutureX Farm worth and Sunway Pals points to encourage its community to practice a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sunway Property had celebrated every World Environment Day with its communities since 2014 with various education-centric events, equipping Malaysians with better environmental awareness and skills to make a difference. Sunway Property builds more than just homes; they build people and communities, and will continue to do so through initiatives that encourage a greener lifestyle for a better future.


To view the “Reimagining The Future of Cities” talk, please log on to :





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